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Getting one decent date could take a year, let alone two or three.

At some point you will be in a work meeting with every date you’ve had within the last two years. You will go on another date with the person who puked on your mukluks. Heck, you haven’t seen them out on a Thursday in over a month.

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Karl reacted by describing his life in Montreal, where he played several instruments in an African fusion band with other members of his “intentional community,” a group of likeminded individuals living together with a unifying goal of existing sustainably, collectively.I thought about how recently recycling and composting had begun proliferating in the North and how far they’d come within the last decade.One awkward kiss later, Karl left town and I went back to being single, but this time, with a little more clarity.With all the mine workers, geologists, dentists, anthropologists, prospectors, journalists, doctors, explorers and countless other varieties of passers-through who touch down in the North for as short as a week or as long as three years (at which point they either leave or graduate to Northerner status), it’s a strong possibility that at some point, you’re going to go for someone who is on their way out.The FREE online friend finder and dating community for men and women in Northwest Territories.

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We are somewhat weathered by the long winters we spend alone or in temporary arrangements based on a mutual desire for comfort and warmth.

We’ve grown weary of coexisting with our exes (sometimes even cohabitating), and we can’t help but mourn the loss of all those short-lived summer flings.

Karl spoke of how Montreal catered to his love of swing dancing, rock climbing and other distinctive ways of moving his lean body, none of which were likely to involve sharing a bed with me.

It became clear: he was on his way out and I sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere. We enjoyed a couple more dates, but in the end, the ease of our repartee wasn’t enough.

We met up at Javaroma (one of Yellowknife’s two coffee shops) and set off on a picturesque fall hike around Frame Lake on what’s known as “The Trail” to Yellowknifers, of which I am one, through and through.