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But, like everything else, there are guidelines or things you should be aware of before you take the leap of dating online.

12.“Emergency Room Requirements To Offer/Provide Sexual Assault Survivors with Emergency Contraception.” Henry J.

In Arkansas, you can legally consent to sexual intercourse when you become 16 years old.

People are advertising themselves to entice what they want.

This is not necessarily wrong, but some individuals can take advertisement to an unhealthy and dishonest level.

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17 You are considered a minor (someone who is not an adult) if you are under 18 years old.

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Title X clinics provide sexual and reproductive health care to the public (girls, boys, teens and adults).

Title X clinics offer many services, including prescriptions for the Pill, pregnancy option counseling, and testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

These clinics charge on a sliding-scale fee basis, and you can pay in cash.