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It would be later in the 1990s that Network Television Marketing (NTM), the country's first privately owned channel, showcased content specifically targeted to the younger generation and Wasti got interested in acting.

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There is no contact number given on website, but domain name WHOIS gave me following information Registrant: Akbar Intl. Most films from Bollywood (India) are in mixed Hindi and Urdu with a spectrum ranging from entirely Urdu to mostly Hindi. For a full list of Pakistani films which includes Punjabi language, and Bengali language films in addition to Urdu see List of Pakistani films.The teleplay highlighted a story about two sisters going through the turmoil of arranged marriages.After her first stint, Wasti began receiving roles in various other plays in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad centres for PTV.This film was based on a famous short story "Jhumkay" by a famous Urdu writer Saadat Hassan Manto, film was released on September 2, 1966.