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In the society that the Prophet (sal-Allahu alayhi wa-sallam) lived, burying little girls alive was the norm.

Of course, the principles of Islam prohibited such barbarism – regardless of what was widespread at the time.

They can get enough general information to decide if they want to pursue the person any further.

The younger generation wanted something more out of a future spouse. When one of the matrimonial sites is used, Islam dating is much easier.They wanted someone they could spend time with and enjoy. First, someone can go on the site and look through the different profiles.The profiles give basic yet important information about the person.By looking through the profile, one can see people who catch their eye.You explain that dating is needed since arranged marriages are not feasible.

However, by saying this you imply that these are the only two routes to getting married.They can send an email to the person letting them know they would like to get to know them better.This will start a two way conversation that will then be able to lead to marriage.In fact, the Prophet (sws) has told us that those who follow the right path will always be ‘different’ or ‘strange’ to the mainstream.In one beautiful hadith, the Prophet (sws) says: (Ahmad) Secondly, you state the concern of getting to know someone for marriage.This is called (Sahih Bukhari) Now it is important to note that Allah never prohibits something unless it is harmful to us. First, most reports of sexual abuse are not committed by strangers. So, overwhelmingly, it is those people who you are out on a ‘date’ with that commit these crimes.