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Both Sytch and Candido, however, left the promotion in early 1995 for jobs with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).Weeks later, The Godwinns regained the championship, and Sunny turned on The Bodydonnas in favor of the new champions.When the duo returned, Candido re-aligned with Shane Douglas' Triple Threat, and Sytch began a feud with Douglas's manager Francine.

Sytch made appearances as a referee for NWS Wrestling in May 2005 and attended a Chris Candido Memorial show on June 4, 2005.

Also, Sytch was a part of Hardcore Homecoming on June 10, 2005.

Candido debuted in March of that year and Sytch debuted one month later at Spring Stampede, helping him win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in a match against The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea. The short-lived feud came to a conclusion at Slamboree when The Artist and Paisley stripped Tammy's dress off to reveal her undergarments following Candido's singles victory over Iaukea.

Sytch and Candido then briefly feuded with Crowbar and Daffney.

Candido and Sytch parted ways with XPW and started touring other independent wrestling promotions.

In the spring of 2003, Sytch and Candido moved to Puerto Rico and were set to work for Victor Quinones' International Wrestling Association promotion.

Candido and Sytch left the promotion in December 1999.

After appearing in Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) in early 2000, both Sytch and Candido signed on with World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

In addition, she appeared on MTV's Singled Out and Entertainment Tonight.

Meanwhile, Candido left the WWF for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and it was not long before she began making guest appearances with him in the promotion.

Candido later dropped the title, which marked the end of the couple's run with the company.