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My "" phase always hangs for hours if there are a large number of updates available for download, but it runs normally once those updates are installed - until the next batch of Patch Tuesday updates is released.For some reason pre-installing just one of the monthly Patch Tuesday updates as suggested in my original post seems to trick the Windows Update Agent (WUA) into checking for the remaining available updates faster, and at this stage of my testing I'm not absolutely certain that the one update you pre-install even has to be a Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32k.sys) update.

It should also help on systems that were up-to-date last month - just install the missing updates from the list below in this case.......The term 'solution' might be a little bit exaggerated, since the following How To only tries to make sure that the Update Agent doesn't need to check all updates, so the check for new updates is done faster.Further details and a screenshot of my CPU consumption were posted today in my thread in the MS Answers forum.As of June 2016 there are currently five Win32updates listed on Dalai's webpage [KB3078601 (18-Aug-2015); KB3087039 (08-Sep-2015); KB3109094 (07-Dec-2015); KB3145739 (12-Apr-2016); KB3161664 (14-Jun-2016)] that must be pre-installed before you run Windows Update if any are missing from your system.Just FYI, I posted comments today in post # 162 of the Vista Forums thread about a similar problem that Win XP users experienced three years ago after Win 8.1 was released.

In that case, Microsoft fixed the problem by expiring some of the outdated updates in the supersedence chain for programs like the IE browser so that the Windows Update Agent could quickly determine which patches need to be applied and which older updates had been superseded and could be ignored.As to KB3145739 I have it installed on April 18 and KB3153199 is one of those offered in May and which I installed on May 14, when, as said in my post above, for the very first time after many months the updates were downloaded and installed without taking that long time they used to., simply installing KB3145739 in April 2016 wasn't the ultimate solution for many Win 7 and Vista users and the slow updates returned when they tried to download their May 2016 Patch Tuesday updates.This workaround requires users to pre-install a Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32k.sys) update (e.g., KB3145739 in Apr 2016; KB3153199 in May 2016) each month from the Microsoft Download Center to "trick" Windows Update into running Patch Tuesday updates faster, but it's only a temporary workaround and the problem will likely return the following month and require a new Win32update.The webpage This How To is valid for Win7 SP1 and Vista SP2, which have been newly installed or haven't been updated for some time.The standalone update packages (files) for any missing updates should be installed in order, from oldest (lowest KB) to newest (highest KB).