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Avoid horny modern dating apps with a new app that introduces you to people your friends can vouch for. Take a quick squiz at instagram.com/tindernightmares for a taste of the flavour. Many feel that the filters and etiquettes that are used in real life have gone out the door with today’s dating apps. If you acted like a douchecanoe, then your other friends would hear about it, and perhaps even your mother.

By Nicole Buckler Modern dating apps have earned themselves a rather grubby reputation. And then you would be a freak, and no would would date you ever again.

Both will have books available for purchase (cash payments preferred).

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Dating used to be personal, and connections were often made through friends.

But now, an app has emerged that uses this old-school style of social control as its main selling point.

Not into endless online chat or messages as I would like to meet and see if there's attraction and get to know each other better.

Although each individual track is good enough by itself, I've found that, even more so than with other comedians, Steve's work is funnier when you listen to the whole thing.

Steve goes all over the place, and while some tracks are not quite as strong ("My Real Name"), the entire album is just hilarious.

Did a few "stand-ups" during the show that reminded me of this album.

“It’s not just Meat Loaf doing a song, it’s now a scene with multiple characters, and it’s part of an ongoing story.” Jim Steinman has been heavily involved in rehearsals, watching the show develop via Skype and giving advice to the young cast.

Producer David said: “It is a wild vision and you have to do it in a way that’s believable and that you care about it .

Called Coffeepass, it aims to bring etiquette back to the social connection and dating scene. After college, Dev worked professionally as a tech consultant, living out of a suitcase, constantly travelling to new locations.

In between his consulting career, he also worked on a tech startup called Groupbuddy. The app also brings groups of friends together to meet up in person. The Coffeepass i OS app has just launched and the company will soon release an Android version as well.

David Sonenberg, one of the show’s producers, said: “I feel that Bat Out of Hell was way ahead of its time.