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Velma is oblivious to all this (partly due to being possessed by Wanda Grubwort) until Shaggy eventually does ask her out; she reluctantly agrees.Scooby (once again jealous of this new, budding relationship) attempts to sabotage the date.Scooby's initial reaction was exactly what Shaggy had feared: anger, jealousy, and a sense of betrayal.

When Velma comes to, she asks Shaggy if he meant the things he said; he confirms that he meant every word.Goaded on by Fred and Daphne, they kiss each other only to come to the conclusion that there is no chemistry between them.In the current series, unlike the other members of Mystery Inc., Velma is stated to be a native of Ohio.But on one occasion, she mentioned she's from Texas. Abracadabra-Doo, Velma is described by her little sister, Madelyn, as having been "born with a mystery book in her hand". Mystery Incorporated, Velma and Shaggy have begun dating.She is usually seen wearing a baggy orange sweater, red knee-length pleated skirt, orange knee-high socks, white panties (in A Pup Named Scooby Doo! Despite differing writers and which particular incarnation of series is meant, Velma is usually portrayed as a highly intelligent and slightly tomboyish yet beautiful young woman with various interests ranging from highly specific sciences (which, in the "Scooby and Scrappy-Doo" series, leads her to pursue a career as a NASA research scientist) to merely being very well read on varied and sometimes obscure information, such as ancient Viking writings, as stated in The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour.

It is due to this intelligent focus that Velma is usually the one to solve the mystery, sometimes with the help of Fred Jones. " and "New Movies", a running gag of the series is Velma's trouble with keeping her glasses on her face (usually from being accidentally knocked off her face while being chased by the villain).

At present, Velma is not on good terms with either Shaggy or Scooby. Curse of the Lake Monster, Shaggy becomes smitten with Velma very early on in the film.

From that point on, he follows Velma around, slowly working up the courage to ask her out on a date.

In this new series, Velma is pushing Shaggy to be more intimate.

Shaggy, however, is hesitant due to his desire to hide the relationship from Scooby until he feels confident enough to tell Scooby. On top of that, Velma became very controlling: telling Shaggy what to eat, what to wear, even what to say.

Despite bitter feelings over the breakup, Velma admitted to Scooby that she still has feelings for Shaggy.