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It severed the spinal cord and resulted in physical disability. In an interview, he said that there were two books on the side of the pool related to medical science, due to which he immediately knew what was going to happen to him when he hit his head at the bottom of the pool.

But life had to continue and to make life easy, in 1974; Charles got married to Robyn, who is an artist.This Australian lady took good care of him and gave him a son named Daniel.When she was 4 years old, she was adopted by the house of an African-American family in Baltimore. She created close relation and affection towards the family.Her father departed to Africa when she was seven years old.He was also voted as one of the top 50 most influential journalists in the national press corp.

At one time, there were rumors about him being fired from his job in Times magazine, but later the rumors were debunked.At a very young age, he studied at Mc Gill University.There, he graduated with First Class Honors in political science and economics.He can be considered as an excellent opinion writer who inspires many. He stands tall and confident while delivering his commentaries. Charles can be remembered as a nightly panelist on Fox News Special Report and a contributing editor to the weekly standard.Since 1990, Charles had been a weekly panelist on the PBS news program ‘Inside Washington’ until December of 2013, as its production was ceased.In the following year, Krauthammer joined The New Republic as a writer and an editor.