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Wearing a smart black suit and a crisp white shirt, the former TOWIE star gave a thumbs up as he posed for photographs before making his way inside and no doubt heading towards the array of lovely ladies who also attended the sporty event.

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Fun Fact(s): Much like myself, Roxanne took the recent passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan particularly hard, calling him "a kind and genuine soul."Sports Cred: British beauty Georgie Thompson may be best known for her love life in England, but she's been a presenter on Sky Sports for years. Fun Fact(s): Georgie and infamous mistress Imogen Thomas are co-authors of a book called (only a German newspaper would have "Die" in the title) before being hired by Sky Sports Germany as a presenter in 2009.

Fun Fact(s): According to her official (Google translated) biography, Jessica wanted to be an astronaut at the age of six, but her father encouraged her to go into a career more fit for girls. Sports Cred: According to her official ESPN bio, Adriana Monsalve is one of the most recognized reporters and commentators in Spanish-language television.

She completed her high school and bachelor’s degree within England. Looking towards the love life of this presenter she is married with Scottish Jockey Richard after a long relationship as a boyfriend. They later got divorce, there is no specific reason provided among the public for the reason of their separation.

Her supportive parents managed her for the further studies in Master’s yet due to her busy schedule and more time with dedication precede her to focus more herself within her career. Some of her fans assume that due to the extra marital relation maintained by her husband also resulted for their separation.

There have been countless lists of the hottest women in sports broadcasting.

The hottest at ESPN; the hottest in the United States; the hottest in Europe; the hottest in Timbuktu. But who needs all those crappy lists when you can have one single list that includes the entire freaking world.She said: 'I come from a happy home, so I want marriage and kids. In fact, I want a football team worth of kids.'But while she is happy in her relationship, Georgie said she sometimes finds it difficult dating someone who is so famous. Alex Hammond is a popular British television presenter who was born in 1974.She is additionally a reporter and a horse racing tipster.She got her start on the Telemundo Network before joining ESPN Deportes in 2007. She was born in New Jersey and worked as a reporter in Arizona before moving to Ontario and pursuing a career in sports.