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“I have been backstage, I have been in green rooms and I have never heard anyone talk like that.” “When you are trying to become president, you are held to a higher standard. You should have been a little bit more careful, you should have never said those type of things if you want to hold the highest office in the United States of America,” she added.“So I don’t think it was locker room talk, I think it was assault.” MORE: Celebs Slam Donald Trump’s Answers, Sniffling and Demeanor in Second Debate Against Hillary Clinton As for getting fired from the show, Kanellis said she “knew it was coming.” “[Among] the people in front of me [finalists Holly Robinson Peete, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Stone], I had the least amount of celebrity,” she recounted, explaining that the show’s ratings “depend on popularity,” and that she had the least amount of name recognition.

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“I have a mole on my shoulder and he said to me that I should have the mole removed because it is an imperfection,” she recalled.“I just felt as if that comment didn’t belong in the boardroom, I felt as if he should not be making comments like that to me and telling me that a part of my body is an imperfection.” “It wasn’t something that bothered me [at the time], but as a presidential nominee, it bothers me because of all the recent comments and things that he has said or that has come out,” she continued.“When I first saw it I was astounded that anybody remembered it,” she admitted.“But then again, we are talking about a presidential nominee.Trump eliminated pro wrestler Maria Kanellis in 2010 after she accused fellow contestant Curtis Stone of using the toilet in her dressing room. https://t.co/c Kg Hen B22U— Maria Kanellis Bennett (@Maria LKanellis) October 8, 2016 contestant coming out against Trump.

Maria, you're fired." (Trump is not above discussing bodily functions on the air — he discussed then-girlfriend Melania's bathroom habits freely on Howard Stern's radio show in 2004.)In an interview that aired Tuesday on Kanellis took issue with Trump's characterization of his quotes about how, as a star, he could do anything he wanted to women, including kissing them without consent or grabbing them by their genitals.. I think it was sexual assault."She added, "When I first saw it I was astounded that anybody remembered it.

Maria hits Gail in the face with the brace for a two count. Allie throws the brace into the ring, but Gail catches it.

Gail drops Maria with the Eat Defeat to pickup the victory.

While Paige is not featured as one of the fighters participating in WWE NXT Live happening in town on Thursday at the Aztec Theatre, her local, 39-year-old love interest is presumably bringing her to town. I feel confident and that I can do so much in this world," she said. Without this man picking me up and telling me everything is ok I don't know where I'd be.

RELATED: San Antonio native, Los Angeles Laker Jordan Clarkson 'casually dating' Kendall Jenner Along with frequently posting photos with Del Rio, she tweeted a love note about him on Wednesday morning saying the last few days left her feeling "the happiest" she has ever felt. He deserves all the happiness in the world." RELATED: Rihanna rumored to be getting 'serious' with former UTSA student, rapper Travis Scott Del Rio has not reciprocated Paige's social media PDA, but often posts gym photos of himself chiseling his WWE-worthy muscles at San Antonio Planet Fitness locations.

“I knew it was coming but I wasn’t expecting it to come like that.” In the wake of the Trump Tape, many have called for the release of unaired footage from Trump’s 14 seasons of The Apprentice, citing the possibility of further examples of the politician making lewd or disparaging remarks.