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Her composition "Singing For Our Lives" appears in "Singing the Living Tradition", the official hymnal of the Unitarian Universalist Association, under the title "We Are A Gentle, Angry People" .Singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, actor, author, activist, feminist, teacher – Holly Near’s interlinked careers and integrity have earned her the reputation as one of the most powerful and articulate political artists of our time.Born to politically active parents from North Dakota and New York in the rural community of Ukiah, California, Holly grew up in an environment that combined Western sensibility and Eastern sophistication.Although she started singing publicly at age eight, Holly’s professional life began in earnest with acting performances in such movies and TV shows as “Slaughterhouse Five,” “Minnie and Moskowitz,” “All in the Family,” “The Mod Squad” and “The Partridge Family,” and she appeared in “Hair” on Broadway.While Holly Near's commitment to women's music and women's issues has been unwavering, she has never been a women's music artist entirely, or even primarily.

Rather, she comes out of a tradition dating back to Woody Guthrie and Aunt Molly Jackson -- songwriter/performers concerned with a broad range of left-leaning political causes who are usually identified as folksingers.Among the originals, the new "Perfect Night" was Near's wittiest and most comfortable treatment of lesbianism yet.The singers were forceful and complementary, no surprise since Gilbert is a major vocal influence on Near.Simply Love: The Women's Music Collection is a two-CD, 28-track compilation covering her albums since 1976, including half a dozen newly recorded performances.Not surprisingly, seven tracks from Imagine My Surprise!The likes of Harold Arlen and Richard Rodgers deserved better.