When does dating become a relationship

At what point do you think it's appropriate to transition from going on dates with someone to being a relationship with them.

I know there are no fixed rules but I am seeing a man who I really like and I feel as though we are a couple weeks away from being classed as in a relationship.

Too often the words Dating vs Relationship have been used interchangeably. The second stage is where curiosity and infatuation peak to their highest point.

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We met at the beginning of July and have been dating since.

We've been taking it really really slow and soon I'll be meeting some of his closest friends and he will be meeting mine.

If you see that this may be developing into a problem then try going small.

Introduce him/her to one or two of your close friends who you think he/she may be comfortable with. Understand where your relationship is heading and work towards making it what you want it to be. Introduce your partner to the other people in your life and make them a part of it.

This is the stage in which everyone feels that love is in the air.

Both partners wear rose colored glasses when looking at each other.

Though this may seem like a simple change, it takes a lot of time for couples to accept it and say it.

Changing the word 'I' to 'We' means that you want to include him/her in your daily activities and your identity. The initial 'I love you' brings a heady and giddy feeling.

This only happens because they begin to trust each other and no longer feel the need to put their best foot forward.

The raging hormones get quieted and the relationship matures.

When this transition does occur, should I talk to him about what he is looking for in life? I don't want to waste time with someone who just wants fun...