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You’ll also find people speaking English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Catalan, and other languages across the 23 states that make up Venezuela. It’s estimated that over 90% of the Venezuelan population are Roman Catholic.

About 8% of Venezuela’s people are Protestant, and the remaining percentage of the population practice another religion, or are athiest.

The European immigrants to Venezuela came primarily from Spain, however in the middle of the 20th century, many German, Italian, North American, and Portuguese people immigrated to Venezuela in search of oil wealth.

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There is also a small muslim community, across several of Venezuela’s 23 states, as well as a small Jewish community located in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas.

The people of Venezuela have a rich cultural history that’s been shaped by American Indian, Spanish, African, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, and South American influences.

Before you travel to Venezuela on vacation, you’ll want to learn about the great people of Venezuela.

In this article, you’ll learn about the people of Venezuela, their culture, language, religious beliefs, hobbies, and music.

In Zulia state, Venezuelans enjoy the popular style of music they call, gaita, which is especially popular during Christmas.

You’ll also find people listening to galeron, malaguena, and punto genres of music in various parts of Venezuela.

Spanish is considered Venezuela’s primary language that’s spoken by the majority of the population, but there are over 40 languages spoken by the wide mix of Venezuelan people.

In addition to Spanish, there are numerous languages spoken by Venezuela’s indigenous peoples.

Venezuelan people are known for being happy, social people who enjoy music, dancing, talking and a great party, so be ready to have a great time when you travel to Venezuela on vacation!

Women often occupy different roles in a foreign culture.

Just some of Venezuela’s most famous artists include Arturo Michelena, and Armando Reverón.