Validating problem

There are two types of validation: Market validation includes reviewing your solution with your market (customers and prospects).

Focus groups enable you to collect great ideas from your market, but are not as effective as hands-on product feedback.

Your testing team plays a key role in validating your solution.

They will verify that product requirements have been met, and that test scenarios succeed.

The goal of your testing team is to determine whether the product is ready for release.

For details, see the Script and Style elements section of the XHTML 1.0 Recommendation as well as the HTML compatibility guideline for embedded scripts.

Another common error occurs when including a This example generates an error for "unknown entity section" because the "&" is assumed to begin an entity reference.

As mentioned in the HTML 4 Recommendation's note about specifying non-HTML data in element content, end tags are recognized within SCRIPT elements, but other kinds of markup--such as start tags and comments--are not.

This is an unintuitive quirk of for elements defined to have CDATA content.

Something like this (see how I've removed the Models from controller functions) // Curso public function index() // Trienio public function index($curso) // Pap controller public function index($curso, $trienio) public function show($curso, $trienio, $id) query which is the validation.

And regarding the optimization of queries - the queries as you have them are absolutely fine.

Since ⟨ is the entity for the left-pointing angle bracket, some browsers also convert &lang=en to 〈=en.