Tony romo and jessica simpson dating

On the flip side, Jessica Simpson’s career has flourished since the breakup, but you do not see anyone thanking Romo for that. It is because her accomplishments are her own and not a catalyst from a breakup from years ago.

We need to let Skip Bayless know we are not here for his misogynistic opinions.

Another source adds, "Jessica has made no secret of the fact she wants to get married, and with all the Ashlee wedding talk and Jess’ dad’s involvement, Tony was obviously feeling it.I wouldn’t be surprised if he just couldn’t go through with the proposal and that’s what’s caused the break." Poor Jess.Tony Romo is not Samson, and Jessica Simpson is not Delilah.She did not take his “super” football powers by falling in love and dating him. The fact is an NFL quarterback has a very short shelf life if you can not stay healthy physically and mentally.I don't hate Jessica but it seems a sure fire way to jinx a relationship is to gush so publicly. She might well genuinely feel she's "totally herself again" around him but that quote about basically morphing into whoever she's with is sad because it's like she's not secure enough to be without a guy or be herself in a relationship. While sister Asslee prepares for one of the happiest days of her life (her wedding) Jess is "stabbed in the heart" - as one of the weekly mags put it.

Making things more bitter for Simpson is the news that ex-boyfriend Tony Romo was supposedly about to ask her to marry him. She even referred to him during a recent Glamour magazine interview as her "future husband".If you do not know who Skip Bayless is, count yourself lucky.Skip Bayless has carved himself a reputation by saying inflammatory and making sweeping suggestions about people in sports and entertainment. Last week Skip Bayless asserted that Jessica Simpson is the reason for Tony Romo’s performance issues on the football field.We’re very similar in that we both appreciate the hometown feel to a lot of things, and live our life like that.” Now Tony has revealed a little more about his relationship with Jessica, which has lasted over year past their last breakup and reconciliation.He says that they hang out, eat and watch football together and that’s cool with him: Tony Romo is super charming on and off the field, and now the busy Dallas Cowboys quarterback is talking to ET about life with girlfriend Jessica Simpson, from the perfect date night to pregnancy rumors!She’s really toned down the oversharing lately though, especially since she revealed last September that she farts in bed, likes to cuddle, prays with Tony over the phone, and spends too much money, not necessarily in that order.