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Question from Bonnie: How do I get my husband to remember me on Valentine's Day? Drop him a note or an e-mail and tell him that Valentine's Day is coming up and you would like him to create something for the both of you, and you are available for consultation if he wants it. You are going to have to be a little bit active on this until you establish a pattern.We all get "skin hunger." We need to be touched, we need to be held. PS: Toren, I understand you hesitation, but that was then, this is now, and I bet you have both changed a lot. Question from Sharlene: I saw an article about singles cruises. Check out this article by Peter Greenberg on singles cruises.

PS: I've been single on Valentine's Day and I know what you mean Sally. What I would do is get together with my single girlfriends and we'd have a dinner party with lots of wine and end up feeling very grateful for our friendships and our lives. It's amazing how great you can feel when you get your toes done!Question from Linda: Is writing a love letter to my deceased husband morbid? On Valentine's Day it is probably wise to let him be the one to say anything that intimates a deeper love, etc...But I like both versions of "An Affair to Remember" and AARP's Movies for Grownups has some good suggestions. I'm going to show this one to my guy — just as gentle hint. However, if this is a form of escape for you, either from your husband or from seeking companionship, then maybe it's a good time to think about changing that situation. Ask yourself what is it that you need and aren't getting, and what to do about it.I also like Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton. Comment from William: "Love is in the Air" with I forgot who…Bucket List for sure. Question from Nancy: I like to volunteer on holidays. I think it is perfectly acceptable to do something for others on Valentine's Day but it's particularly satisfying to do that as a couple.I'm also a big fan of going out early, so we are not too tired when we come home to give each other some extra attention as lovers. S.: What is your stance on acting out our fantasies? Then after a lot of seductive talk between them, they went back home and had a passionate evening. Start it with a great gift — roses or something special for her.

Question from Billy: I got tickets to the basketball game for Valentine's Day. Hold her and show her affection during the game, and then take her out someplace nice afterward. Get together with some friends and go do something.

Question from Sally: It's no fun being single on Valentine's Day.

What do you suggest for single ladies —- or even those men folk?

Question from Sandy: What do you do for Valentine's Day? I'll take any kind of speaking gig, if it is in a warm place, and ask my guy to go with me. I can't tell you how to act them out, but I think they are just fine, as long as they are mutually interesting.

Sometimes, I like dressing up, which we don't do very often and going out for a date to a special place. My favorite story of a couple acting out their fantasy is when a husband came dressed to the door as a chauffeur and took his wife for a ride, with her sitting in the back seat as a customer. If she's not a big fan, you'd better bookend this game with some pretty romantic stuff.

I have to raid the cookie jar to do it, since we have no money because we're unemployed. Go take a ride out in the country or explore a town you haven't been to. Do any number of things that simply celebrate your relationship.