Tellugu yaba patelu sex

The Matharoo sisters reportedly used their website to blackmail wealthy people with accusations of “cheating and patronizing prostitutes.” According to Politics Nigeria, “it was also discovered that the girls recorded conversations and sex romps with their rich clients which comprise of politicians, club owners and businessmen.

Rules of the queue prevent them from changing jobs as that would start the whole process all over again.Even lateral mobility — at the same salary — is prohibited, as applicants must stay in the same position with the same job description for which their recruitment was authorised.Huge sums of money were paid by victims to take down embarrassing contents.According to court documents posted on Politics Nigeria, the girls “have been responsible for the humiliation and cyber-bullying of some 274 persons, mostly based in regions of Africa.” The sisters pleaded not guilty to all charges when they were arraigned in Yaba Magistrate Court in Lagos Friday.With a country-wise cap of 7%, applicants from China and India get the maximum Green Cards every year, after neighbouring Mexico — with 71,798 and 68,458 respectively in 2013. US Citizenship and Immigration Services says there is a backlog of 234,000 though other estimates put the number at 1.1 million, about 85% of them Indians.

The line may move faster in some categories, depending on the qualification of the applicant, but it’s a tedious crawl for most Indians.

The soft-spoken businessman hired investigators to probe the sisters’ background after they threatened to post his sex tape, and then filed a complaint to authorities against them.

The police traced the girls through one Babatunde Oyebode, who is in charge of upgrading the website to prevent it from being shot down by hackers, according to one report, which said Oyebode was picked up by the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU) during a “third attempt to extort a businessman in Lagos.” After shaking down their target for thousands of dollars, Oyebode continued to demand more money, threatening that he had more to reveal. And when Oyebode tried to withdraw cash paid into his Nigerian account, he was picked up by the police.

But she is not expected to get there before 2025-30.

“By then,” Dhamija said, “both of us will be in our high 50s, way past our ability to take risks to build a decent career.” The US grants around one million Green Cards — called Lawful Permanent Residencies — every year, but they are not enough to take care of a mounting backlog of pending applications.

His second option: pack up and head home to India, his dreams smothered and buried.