Svn resource out of date try updating

After a few hours of debugging, that javafile works, but I can't commit it. If you set your working revision to 1, then edited and tried to commit, then you get this out of date issue.

I know I could copy/paste my modified javafile rev1 code into its rev2 counterpart, and then commit, but is there another way? In part it depends on how or what you mean by 'reverting' the file to revision 1.

svn resource out of date try updating-14

The coolest Interface to (Sub)Version Control /_/ \_\ Forum Id=4061&ds Message Id=2271275 To unsubscribe from this discussion, e-mail: [].That would give the behaviour described, wouldn't it? The src code is on revision 2, but I had a file that messed up, so I reverted it to revision 1. If you where working on version 2, and dropped a copy of the version 1 file over it, then there will be no update or need to resolve conflicts.svn/wrk/531d459d-80fa-ea46-bfb4-940d79ee6d2e/visualization/trunk/source/flex/src/com/penbay/invision/portal/services/http/soap/Report Services/Get All Bldgs Params By Region By Site Result' path not found You have to update your working copy first. I have even checked out a new one into a different folder to make sure there wasn't any local cruft messing with the merge.

I have done some more research into this and I think part of the problem is user error.

svn/ver/20/averik Rewards Android/src/com/averik/rewards/web/averik Web': 409 Conflict ( Error message from Smart SVN - An error occured while processing an SVN command.

Commit failed(details follow): File'/Users/Isaac/root/Work Hard/averik/averik Rewards/src/com/averik/rewards/web/averik Web'is out of date ) but those didn't help, you said.

I'm on a team that has an android project that is running into an SVN out of date error.

Let me know if I don't post the question correctly, or if I'm missing something that needs to be added in to the explanation.

We have tried checking the project out on different computers and the error still occurs.