Spore achievements not updating

If you didn't install the EADM when you installed Spore, you can download it here.

Cheat is included that permits Creators to export creatures in Collada format for use in Maya.

:/ I hope this would be fixed :)Friendly regards: 35y old and long time Pc and Playstation 1-3 gamer @Grimloche - Which Steam game achievements are not matched, and also do you have your Steam account attached to the Raptr client?

(I notice a few games which don't have achievements, but just wondering if you're seeing any in particular) I have all my consoles and what not attached...they've been attached since 2010 when I first started using raptr.... Batman: Arkham Origins South Park: stick of truth, Warframe , Aliens colonial marines, watchdogs, and zombie army trilogy....

and Luddite (which is no longer achievable), and the expansion pack Spore Galactic Adventures (which provides 50 more achievements).

All progress for achievements yet to be gained is saved in the pollination.package data file, which also contains all downloaded creations.

Good bye raptr...good things come to an end eventually....

I'm interested in how much GWG has changed the value of these achievements.Note that Pathological Cheater is the only achievement that you gain by cheating.Be aware that some achievements may contain spoilers.Yea, I keep refreshing my Steam achievements, but on The Samaritan Paradox, this one achievement, "Resisting the Rapture", which it says NO ONE on Raptr has "yet earned", well I sure did. Steam hours appear to be accurate and once the Achievement crawling is working as intended, it would then pick up the achievements from Steam. Have got about dozen achi's and none updated to Raptr :/ Some in Steam and some in Playstation 3. We'll need to dig in deeper to find out the exact cause and then resolve it, however it's difficult to tell how long this resolution might take.The graph will probably be updated once something in the chron system detects a percentage change worth updating for.