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I thought I would compile a list of types of pupil speak in the classroom. Whole group repetition or phonics activity (including whispering, shouting, singing) 2.

Many games can be subsumed within the activity types below. Part group repetition (small groups, rows, pairs) 3.

Speaking into a microphone/digital recorder and listening back 15.

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Oral gap filling (teacher reads aloud leaving gaps to be filled in) 19. Pupils acting as teacher in front of the class and running oral work 27. Tell pupils they will have 5 minutes to ask each other the questions you gave them.After five minute, say 'change' and pupils sitting outside the circle have to move one place to the right and do the same with the next partner.This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself.

It works towards the end of the unit when you want a speaking level without doing formal teacher assessments.

Resources: Power Point, Feedback sheets (1 per person), You Tube video (for transitions - They have to sit by the time you stop it in new place, Link on Power Point is for one of my favourites by Stromae), Levels laminates (good to have a set to hand in room, helps them to peer-assess easily).

I've been asking for help a lot recently so thought I'd give something back in the form of an activity I did with a class of 4me that worked very well.

The pupil then whispers the sentence to the table behind him/er and so on.

The team that does it the fastest and with the least errors, wins. Then read every 2 words, every 4 words, the first word of each line, a sentence backward, etc....

Start off by making sure everyone knows what 'speed dating' means. There are 14 character cards (you will need to make more if you have a larger class); 7 girls and 7 guys.