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Her international breakthrough role was in an American film called , along side Adam Sandler.

Elsa Lafuente Pataky is a beautiful Spanish actress and model of Romanian decent.

Sofia participates in many official and political acts in Spain and is a figurehead of the Spanish monarchy.

Sara Carbonero Arévalo is a famous Spanish TV presenter and reporting sports journalist.

She was voted sexiest reporter in the world by in 2009.

She is well known in Europe and Latin America and continues to appear in television shows.

Paz Campos Trigo, better known as Paz Vega, is an international Spanish actress and model who found fame on a Spanish sitcom.

Additionally she is widely known for her relationship with Iker Casillas, a Spanish goalkeeper.

Marina Castaño is a writer and reporter most famous for being the ex-wife of Nobel Prize winner Camilo José Cela.

Isabel Preysler is a Philippine born Spanish journalist, socialite and television host.

Carmen “Tita” Cervera is a Dowager Baroness who is a Spanish socialite, philanthropist and art dealer.

Before her death in 1504, she sponsored Columbus' voyage to America, initiated the Spanish Inquisition and unified the Spanish kingdoms.

Queen Sofía of Spain is the reining queen of Spain of Greek origin.

Elsa Pataky speaks 5 languages which has enabled her to work in many international film productions.