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But in most women, by adolescence, any remaining hymenal tissue offers no significant impediment to using tampons or enjoying pain-free intercourse.

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During childhood most hymenal tissue wears away as a result of washing, walking, athletics, self-exploration, and masturbation, though little bits may remain around the vaginal opening, particularly in the area closest to the anus (hymenal tags).The intact hymen almost never covers the entire vagina. However, the opening may not look like a doughnut hole.In addition, some cultures have believed that if questions arose about a young woman's virginity, an examination could determine whether she was or wasn't.An intact hymen demonstrated her virtue while anything else proved she'd already been deflowered.The sexological literature is oddly quiet on this issue.

But I have a few ideas: Pain on intercourse is a fairly common gynecological problem. Some pain on first intercourse may have to do with medical issues.

I vividly remember being a young teen,getting my first period right before summmer and all it's water-based fun, so I was desperate to use tampons.

I had enough of a hymen,that it wasn't working out too well.

Although some women are born without a hymen, most have one, and the hymen varies in size and shape from woman to woman.

The hymen usually does not cover the entire vaginal opening, since there must be some way for the menstrual fluid, or period, to leave the body.

For thousands of years, many cultures have believed that "breaking" the hymen caused pain, hence the belief, still current, that women experience--in fact, should experience--pain on first intercourse.