All articles submitted to the Eaton Journal pass through a three-stage peer review and revision process: (1) the article is initially reviewed by the graduate student editors of the journal; (2) if it is judged to be potentially publishable, then the article is sent to our executive board for further review; and, (3) if the outside reviews are positive, an Eaton Journal editor is then assigned to work with the author to prepare the article for eventual publication. For the text itself: margins at 1", double spaced, font size 12 pt. All images and figures should be properly captioned according to most recent MLA style.

The Eaton Journal is also the only journal dedicated to providing a place for archival librarians to discuss the challenges of managing significant science fiction collections and share their best practices for facilitating as well as conducting archival research in SF.Each of the journal's bi-annual issues will feature three types of articles, each of which addressing a different aspect of our focus on developing an interdisciplinary dialog around archival research in SF: Scholarly articles with a significant research component: These articles will not simply be notes and speculations regarding material in an archive, but rather will use archival materials to build critical arguments that go beyond the textual and theoretical claims of conventional literary research. Lifetime has introduced the actors starring in the network’s upcoming “The Unauthorized Full House Story” in a new cast photo.The group of actors are clad in '90s fashions and bad wigs in their attempt to portray the stars of the popular TGIF sitcom.Graduate student editors run the Eaton Journal, with scholarly review provided by an interdisciplinary executive board made up of SF scholars, research librarians, and archivists.

We are proud to announce the addition of John Rieder, Mark Bould, Catherine Coker, Jess Nevins, Rob Latham, Sherryl Vint, Arthur B.

From a pedagogical standpoint, the journal will be a space to discuss methods for developing, transmitting, and assessing archival research skill-sets within the academy, publishing articles that promote skill-sharing both among faculty and between faculty and graduate students.

Articles spotlighting neglected authors, emerging archives, and other research opportunities: The third type of article featured in the journal is that which identifies newly discovered or undeveloped archival resources, or points to authors whose archival traces offer particularly rich opportunities for scholarship.

But one of his “Full House” co-stars was tickled by the project: Coulier tweeted a photo of the Lifetime cast, calling it “hysterical.” Lifetime's unauthorized "Full House" movie will premiere Aug.

When Danny Tanner's wife dies, the San Francisco sportscaster gets support in the form of two new roommates: brother-in-law and party boy Jesse, and his stand-up comic friend, Joey.

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