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Contact: Angelo Gomez, Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator 541-737-3556; Angelo.

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For more information about UOO's services and confidentiality, please visit the Ombuds website.

– Detectives on Thursday arrested a teacher and former YMCA camp counselor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage minor at camp in Marion County last summer.

CCR connects students with community resources that foster good neighborly behavior.

Contact: Brenda Mc Comb, Dean 541-737-4881; Brenda.

This includes early intervention and chemical dependency assessment and referral, the Collegiate Recovery Community, and many new violence prevention programs. If you have any questions regarding SCCS, please contact the Director.

SHS also provides comprehensive health promotion, education, and coaching services. Contact: Sue Theiss, University Ombuds 541-737-7029; [email protected] Tori Byington, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Success 541-737-4652; [email protected] a solid understanding of the unique roles and experiences of graduate students, the Graduate School consults with students/faculty/staff on issues throughout the student lifecycle pertaining to admissions, academic progress and milestones, funding, graduate community resources, mentor/mentee relationships, inclusivity and overall student success.Contact: Monday - Friday 9am - pm, 541-737-8748, option 3; Student [email protected] Student Assistance Team provides direct service to students, and consultation for faculty and staff.The service helps faculty, staff, advisors and students navigate non-academic student issues, university policy, and OSU resource questions.In addition, you may also speak to an after-hours counselor any time the office is closed.