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Three farmworkers were killed on an unmanned railway crossing yesterday after the driver of their minibus apparently failed to contact a signal box to ensure the line was clear.

The train, which had been due to stop at Evesham, had not been travelling at the normal top speed of 95mph as its front power unit was not working.The minibus was knocked about 20ft down the line and onto its side; the bodies of the three dead men were all recovered nearby.The guy sitting by the window was very calm - he was picking glass out of his laptop." Another passenger was Mike Noel-Smith, a rower who had to be rescued by the Australian navy during a record-breaking attempt to row across the Indian Ocean a month ago..Mr Noel-Smith, from Hereford said: "This is the second disaster to happen to me in three weeks." Simms and Woods, the owners of Whitehouse farm said that gang labour was used in the harvesting of produce on the farm who were transported in minibuses.But now Jimmy Johnson is fighting back – and claims his clan are the victims of a massive Establishment stitch-up.

Rob Sharp hears his side of the story Alan "Jimmy" Johnson walks into a Cheltenham café wearing a smart, black, well-cut suit, and sporting neatly clipped hair.

The train, which sustained damage to the right-hand side of the engine and the first carriage, came to a halt about three-quarters of a mile further down the track.

It eventually limped into Evesham station four hours later.

One passenger on the train was slightly injured and was also taken to the hospital.

Two other people on the minibus were also slightly injured and were being treated at Worcester Royal Infirmary.

He is the head of a notorious traveller community, and his reputation among the local population precedes him.