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As a result, physicians may find on occasion that their practice has become too large to manage and that they must decrease the number of patients to whom they provide services.

The College advises physicians in these situations to carefully consider the medical needs of their patients and to proceed in a manner that is fair, transparent and compassionate.

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The current shortage of health human resources in Ontario may make this especially difficult.Physicians should always carefully evaluate any decision to discontinue care and should use reasonable efforts to resolve any issues affecting the relationship with the patient prior to any final decision.Under the regulations of the Patients are entitled to make decisions about their health care.In general, they can make their own decisions about treatment and lifestyle, even if the physician does not agree with those decisions.Dear April Masini," I have started liking this doctor - currently I am a patient at his practice.

I sense there is a mutual attraction that has gone stronger over two years.It is a unique relationship which depends on trust and confidence between the parties for the provision of care.Physicians enter into the physician-patient relationship with a commitment to provide their patients with quality service.Reasonable efforts include discussing with the patient, when possible, the reasons affecting the physician’s ability to provide quality care and/or the elements that are necessary for an effective physician-patient relationship.If physicians are uncertain whether or not it is professionally acceptable to end a physician-patient relationship, they are advised to contact the Physician Advisory Service at the College for further guidance and/or seek legal advice.Physicians should consider factors including: the vulnerability of the patient, the patient’s ability to find care in an appropriate timeframe and the consequences terminating the relationship may have on the health of the patient.