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Ramfis eased his father's harsh censorship of the press, and also granted some civil liberties. There he continued with his jet-set lifestyle, which included flying planes as a hobby (also one of the passions of Rubirosa).

While these were rejected as insufficient by a people who had memories only of the Trujillo era and the decades of poverty and instability which had preceded it (for example: 1902–1905 bankruptcy, 1911 Civil War, 1914 political deadlock and threat of U. He died on 27 December 1969, in Spain, from pneumonia, in a hospital after being severely injured in a car accident, a fate similar to Rubirosa's, 11 days earlier in the outskirts of Madrid.

Trujillo's marriage to Ledesima ended in divorce in 1925.In 1927, he married Bienvenida Ricardo, with whom he had one daughter, Odette Trujillo Ricardo.He received his education from informal schools held in villagers' homes.At the age of 16 he got a job as a telegraph operator, but lost that job after joining a street gang and committing a series of crimes that ended with an arrest for forging a check.In the early 1950s, he married his first wife, Octavia Ricart, they had six children. While there, and with Rubirosa as his liaison, Ramfis skipped class and took off for Hollywood, eventually embarking on an affair with actress Kim Novak.

Ramfis became notorious for buying luxury cars, mink coats, and jewelry for beautiful girls during his stay.She was an American of Hungarian immigrant parents, who had a short but relatively successful film career in Hollywood, most notably in The Left Handed Gun, opposite Paul Newman.Because of her black hair and dark good looks, Lita was often cast as Latino and Native American girls. On , his father was assassinated in a plot to end the 31-year-long dictatorial regime.The person in the car he hit, Teresa Bertrán de Lis, the Duchess-consort of Alburquerque, died instantly.Trujillo was driving at the time of the accident a Ferrari 330GT sports car (s/n 9151), a blue 2-door purchased in 1966.He took control of the Dominican Republic on , after his father was assassinated.