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No one in the “Sex Pill” community argues that male sexuality can’t be depraved. But tradcons, like feminists, have a peculiar habit of denying the facets of female sexuality that tend toward depravity and darkness.

For instance, female rape victims often go on to have consensual sex relationships with their rapists.

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Female hypergamy is real, (and different in kind from male mate choice motivations).

Maybe tradcons are upset by the science-y terminology.

So what false notions do tradcons and feminists share?

Tradcons, like feminists, express a wanton cruelty toward male sexuality, never missing a chance to pathologize it.

CH, thought you would like this article – economist looks at how no consent divorces have changed savings rates and women’s leisure time – the result is that men are saving more to protect themselves and women are taking a lot more leisure time.

By regulating when divorce can occur and how resources are divided when it does, divorce laws can affect people’s behavior and their wellbeing both during marriage and at divorce.But I’ve noticed a lot of race realists have trouble with sex realism. Maybe race realists are older (less naive about race) and settled down.They’ve been out of the seduction game for a while and have forgotten what climbing-the-walls horniness feels like, or how much tougher it is to seduce younger, hotter, tighter chicks than older, hoarier, looser women?They slander normal male desire for a quality dating life as entitlement, when it’s nothing of the sort.(Entitlement is the feeling one is owed something for nothing; most men who want to get better girls know that they have to put in the effort commensurate with the quality of girl they’re aiming for.) The entitlement slur is one of the more toxic tradcon smears against men. Tradcons, like feminists, want to believe that women sacrifice as much as, or more than, men do when deciding to marry. Men must tacitly renounce the heart of their natural, God-given sexuality to marry; women don’t.Tradcons love to lump male and female cheating under one umbrella of equal awfulness, but the comparison deserves more nuance than that.