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Brian tries to impress her but she is only casually interested and Brian breaks down completely when she refuses his request for a date.Following Peter's advice, Brian decides to enlist Quagmire’s help by taking his class on how to pick up girls.

Out for dinner with Cheryl, things get nasty when Quagmire arrives with Jillian.Brian discovers that Quagmire took advantage of Jillian's lack of intelligence to pick her up and soon Brian and Quagmire start trading insults, resulting in both of the girls leaving them alone. Is there a particular career you find cool or attractive in a guy? So sometimes we’ll both go on one of my trips, or if he has something to do with work we try to get some time off just for us. When Brian thinks they've finally become friends again, he asks Quagmire for a ride home.

Quagmire smiles in agreement, but when Brian reaches for the door, Quagmire races forward and then reverses, sending Brian flying after hitting him with the car.Holding up the shirt as evidence, Peter continues to insist it's his shirt until trying it on and discovering it is several sizes too small.The cleaner threatens to shoot Peter but Peter calls his bluff by not taking off the shirt. There’s a few restaurants that I like, but there’s one that’s kinda fun for a date called Gjelina, in Venice. And then after, there’s the usual places, but after dinner I’d say maybe we’d walk through Abbott Kinney, which is a cool street in Venice. Well I like spending time with my kids and going to the beach. Ah, well, if it was up to me we would be going to Los Angeles. Not wanting to ruin his shirt, the cleaner agrees to fight Peter and beats him, resulting in his arrest.