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Spend the rest of the time licking her clit rhythmically and rubbing the index finger in and out of her vagina while pressing against the roof.

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If you skip all of this and just go down on her right away there will be little to no build up and thus no pressure to release, and she might still be holding onto anxieties from a hard day’s work or insecurities about her body or her decision to share herself with you.STEP 2: THE APPROACH Once your girl’s clothes start coming off, you need to read her emotional needs to decide how she wants you to transition from kissing to performing cunnilingus.After you’ve given the groin area a sweet meet and greet you’re ready to get a little more scientific with your technique. That’s what a girl feels when you go down on her with a five-o’clock shadow.Start from the outside of the vagina and work your way inward beginning with the labia majora. Once you’ve got the labia majora wet, massage it and the surrounding area lightly with your thumbs.You don’t want to focus all your attention there, but she’s missing out if it’s ignored completely.

STEP 4: THE CLIT After spending 1-3 minutes doing your meet and greet and massaging the labia majora and minora you’re ready to proceed to Step 4.This is emotionally satisfying for her, and it stimulates blood flow to her sex organs, which will prime them to achieve orgasm.You only want to do this for a minute or two though, because random, chaotic movements, no matter how sensual they are, aren’t likely to give a girl an orgasm.The other reason it’s important to massage her labia is because when her vagina gets attention inside and out she’ll have a stronger orgasm. A blow job is great, but if the girl massages you’re balls in the process then so much the better.Massaging her labia is sort of equivalent to massaging your balls.The important thing to remember here is that you don’t master sex by memorizing women’s pressure points and then striking them in the right sequence. They’re connected on an emotional level, and they express their shared emotional experience through the movements of their bodies. So if you want my advice on how to transition from kissing a girl’s lips to putting your head between her legs, I would say, “Listen to the music, and dance your way there.” Once you’re finally ready to go down on her, lay her on her back.