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Folk music from Lombardy, Tuscany, Southern Italy, Sardinia and Bolivia, medieval dance music, Russian Waltz, music from New Orleans, dance music of the 1930s, music by Tchaikovsky, Buxtehude, Dvořák and Khachaturian, a.o.

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She had a very specific process in which she went about creating emotions."Improvisation and the memory of [the dancer's] own experiences ... And by the time I've found the next thing is right, then the little thing I had is already a lot bigger." Male-female interaction is a theme found throughout her work, which has been an inspiration for—and reached a wider audience through—the movie Talk to Her, directed by Pedro Almodóvar. The same action makes you feel something completely different by the end” Her large multi-media productions often involve elaborate sets and eclectic music.Bausch was soon performing with Tudor at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, and with Paul Taylor at New American Ballet.When in 1960 Taylor was invited to premiere a new work named Tablet in Spoleto, Italy, he took Bausch with him.The restaurant provided Pina with a venue to start performing at a very young age.

She would perform for all of the guests in the hotel.

When talking about her process she stated, “There is no book. Among the honours awarded to Bausch are the UK's Laurence Olivier Award and Japan's Kyoto Prize. In 1999 she was the recipient of the Europe Theatre Prize.

Works by Bausch were staged in June and July 2012 as a highlight of the Cultural Olympiad preceding the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

(27 July 1940 – 30 June 2009) was a German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director.

With her unique style, a blend of movement, sound, and prominent stage sets, and with her elaborate collaboration with performers during the development of a piece (a style now known as Bausch was born in Solingen, the third and youngest child of August and Anita Bausch, who owned a restaurant with guest rooms.

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