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Simultaneously, an older woman is tired of putting herself second after her children and husband.She is ready to go back to school and pursue the career she put on hold for her family.

When they got into bed the night after their wedding, he held up three fingers. ” said the young nymph, “Does that mean we’re going to do it three times?

(which in our society means over 25) An older woman can wear any hat she chooses and nobody will laugh.

This is one of the cruel jokes of the dating world: younger men are focused on significance and younger women are focused on connection. At some point, an older man will realize he's squandered his youth on the pursuit of power and may have neglected his family in the process.

He is tired of the rat race and is seeking more connection.

A younger woman will wait forever, by the phone, for you to call... A younger woman will avoid her girlfriends when she's with you, in case you get any ideas... You never have to confess to having an affair, because somehow they always know.

Older woman often own an interesting collection of lingerie that they have acquired from admirers over the years.

His more youthful female companion may be more sexually attractive to him (making him feel younger in the process) and she probably doesn't call him out on his issues like an older woman might.

Admit it, when you see an older man who's dating a much younger woman, you assume it's because he must be going through some sort of mid-life crisis.

When it comes down to it, a younger woman satisfies one of the most basic human needs: connection.

(I talk about this more in my book, .)This is a need that is different for men and women at different stages in their lives.

A younger woman is still hoping the guy might have one on him. A younger woman will cost you 12 beers, but an older woman will sleep with you after a cup of a herbal tea.