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The update to Windows Phone 8 will save the Lumia 920 from randomly rebooting without any warning, a problem that's affected the new phone since launch.

Dutch site WP7reports that Netherlanders can update their older Lumia 800 phones via the Zune software earlier than expected.

In Apple's words this is "the most significant i OS update since the original i Phone." Not only does the next iteration of the OS bring a completely overhauled user interface design, it also adds many missing features that were being offered by rival mobile platforms. i OS 7 is supported by i Phone 4, i Phone 4S and i Phone 5; i Pad 2, third and fourth-generation i Pads, i Pad mini; and the fifth-generation i Pod touch.

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You may need to unlock the device if you've set a passcode before i Tunes can sync or take a backup.The device will show up under Devices in i Tunes in the Sidebar on the left if you're using an older version of i Tunes.For instance, the i Phone 4S doesn't support features like Air Drop and live filters in the camera app. Backing up your device If you don't regularly backup the data on your i Phone or i Pad, now is a good time.You'd like your favourite apps and settings to transition to i OS 7 and for that you'll need to take a backup.a software update bringing fresh features sometime soon, but the time has officially arrived for these two to Tango.

Today Nokia announced that the fresh code has already started rolling out, bringing hotspot and flip-to-silence functionality to the handsets.To check when the last backup was performed (if it's been enabled) go to the Settings app and tap on i Cloud.You'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu where you'll see a Storage & Backup option under which it'll be mentioned whether i Cloud Backup is off or on.If it's on, you'll also see the date and time when the Last Backup was done. If the i Cloud Backup option was off then you'll need to turn it on and take a backup. If you don't want to shell out extra for cloud storage space and have a lot of data in your phone, then you'd be better off backing up via i Tunes.To backup to i Cloud, first connect your i OS device to Wi-Fi. You'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu where you'll see the Storage & Backup option under which it'll be mentioned that i Cloud Backup is off.You can take a backup your device in two ways, backing up to i Cloud (Apple's servers) or by backing up data to your Mac or PC via i Tunes.