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Dr Wiafe further remarked that “they say men do not stop breastfeeding, so they are our last borns.We can’t stop them from doing that and it is obvious that it is a game enjoyed by all.

In addition, the inadequacy of mammograms and trained personnel in all the regions to help in screening processes makes it difficult to create awareness. Wiafe Addai disclosed that the National Health Insurance caters for the medications for breast cancer, but does not cover the screening process;she was however optimistic that per the president’s promise last Saturday at the walk, the screening will be included in the health insurance.

Touching on some risk factors for breast cancer, Dr Wiafe advised women to desist from applying unknown pomade to their breasts, pushing their breasts up and wearing brassieres with rings in them: they can be worn once in a while, but not always.

Glass infant feeders became popular during this time period because they were easier to clean.

Although the shape of this glass feeder is similar to ceramic bottles produced in England, its hand formed glass nipple is unique.

The use of a glass implement for evacuating breast milk is documented and published as early as the year 1577 by Omniboni Ferrarii.

An illustration in this publication shows a small globe shaped glass container slightly widened at the lip with a long glass pipe attached near the base of the vessel.

The glass nipple appears large enough, and the small opening at the tip was ground smooth, suggesting that it was intended for placement directly in a child’s mouth.

It is also possible that the glass nipple provided a form over which a softer material was secured. Dyott, the sole agent for the Olive and Gloucester Glassworks (New Jersey) and the Kensington Glassworks (Philadelphia), was selling breast pipes and nursing bottles.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Peace and Love Hospitals, Dr (Mrs) Beatrice Wiafe Addai has debunked rumours that sucking of breast prevents breast cancer.

Speaking at a seminar organized by the Ministry of Transport, the Consultant Breast Surgeon denied media reports some two years ago that sucking of breast reduced the risk of breast cancer infection.

As she drew in on the pipe, air was pulled from the system and breast milk was collected in the round glass reservoir.