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“I don’t really have a problem with it.” He continued by saying that society needs to take the weight off of coming out. “We live in a beautiful country and there’s a lot of crazy stuff happening but I still love where we live.

I think everyone has the right to be who they want to be, as long as it’s affecting positive change in the world.” When asked if there was something about men or women that he liked more than the other, he simply said, “I just love people.” He did, however, give some insight on who is more difficult to date. Tortorella previously dated You Tuber Kyle Krieger, something that he had talked about on his podcast.

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The ad’s opening scenes show women primping for their dates and giddily checking out dudes on their phones, perhaps reliving the anticipation and excitement of their college/clubbing years.

This time, however, they’re older and wiser—more fully in control of their destinies, seeking companionship as they see fit and going after what they want.

And in just 30 seconds, we get two suggestive shots of frothy champagne spurting all over the place.

(Once is never enough, as the saying goes.) Ah well, Cougar Life parent Ruby Corp. Last year, the company rebranded its flagship Ashley Madison brand, casting the property—rocked by a massive data breach in 2015 and long viewed as a seamy resource for folks seeking partners for infidelity—as a hip, safe venue for open-minded adults interested in sexual experimentation.

Cougar Life, the site “where experienced women meet younger men,” just launched a spot that shows women of a certain age—35 to 45—prepping for a night out and hitting the strobe-lit dance floor with twenty-something guys.

The phrase “going down with you” throbs on the techno-pop soundtrack.Just half of LGBT singles said they would date someone who is trans.(is owned by The Daily Beast's parent company, IAC.) Over the past few months, The Daily Beast has spoken to transgender people across the country about their romantic lives and experiences—whether it’s being turned down by partners or finding acceptance.So I like to live in that moment.“There was this one situation where I met a guy on an airplane. But so far in my experience, they’ve all been unfazed.“The first time that a clearly lesbian-identified woman pursued me, it meant the world to me. I had some really good friends I went to college with who were New Yorkers, so I had a really strong support group. I went almost entirely on a three-year span of not dating.It was one of the most affirming moments of my womanhood—being desired and pursued by a lesbian-identified woman. That’s because the times I did almost date, I was turned down.“There was an friendship I’d developed over a long period time with the brother of a close friend, but he had not known that I was trans.Nico Tortorella has made no secret of his sexual fluidity and now he is revealing if he thinks it’s harder to date men or women. The star, who is currently dating High School Musical‘s Olesya Rulin, opened up about what the ‘sexual fluid’ label means to him.