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Trailing behind them in the hallway, I hear an employee of The Tonight Show say: “I’m worried about this one.” A slight like this doesn’t come as a total surprise.Rae Sremmurd’s music is celebrated for its feel-good energy, but it has also been derided as superficial, or written off as novelty in the cartoonish tradition of Kriss Kross.“That was the easiest place for us to get by,” Swae says. The boys stayed with their mom and maintained good grades, but started getting kicked out of the house. “They knew they wanted to make commercial music,” Bobo says.

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During his monologue, host Jimmy Fallon drapes his suit jacket over his shoulders like a cape, and dances to a song by Styx. “I wonder if he smokes weed.” Fallon keeps the gag going as the show continues: he does “cape time” with first guest Adam Levine, the singer, and second guest Michael Shannon, the actor.“We gotta do the capes,” says JJ, Rae Sremmurd’s DJ, who goes by D_Jay Sremm.Later, they sit together at a piano, JJ plinking keys on the upper octaves while Swae harmonizes on the lower end.Someone pops in to announce their turn has come, and the boys walk ahead to the stage.The brothers have jumped around at photoshoots, ridden skateboards through midtown offices, and figured out a way to combine Auto-Tune with their voices to sound even younger than they are.

At a time when many acclaimed rappers are expressing pain, or anger, or political turmoil, they have been distinguished above all by a sense of joy. Of all the new songs on the album (which includes bangas like "Impossible Is Nothing" and "Work"), the track that's bound to get all the early buzz is "Black Widow." After teaming up with feisty alt-pop misfit Charli XCX for the still VERY much amazing "Fancy" that continues to creep its way up the charts, Iggy's keeping the female tag teams theme with the Rita Ora-assisted, Katy Perry-penned jam — and it's It's no wonder Miss Kitty Purry co-penned the hook (along with a whole kitchen sink of producers, including Miss Rita, Stargate, Benny Blanco and Sarah Hudson), because subtle shades of "Dark Horse" make up its chorus' DNA.When it comes to lovin', it's an all-or-nothing sitch for these two femme fatales.Their music’s approachability and pop appeal has made them a fixture on radio nationwide, in clubs, and on college campuses.But by some, their exuberance has been taken for weakness. “We got into dancing.” In a video for their song “Put It in Rotation,” the three boys perform a choreographed routine on someone’s driveway, their Superman leaps and oversized jerseys clearly inspired by Soulja Boy and the snap music that had recently dominated the region’s ringtones. You gotta jump straight out of the shower, jump straight into a blanket, and just chill.” After graduating, Jxmmi enrolled for a short time at Itawamba Community College, 20 miles out of town, but returned to Tupelo once Swae graduated so they could pursue music full time.The people that came were the people who understood that the world is bigger than black and white.” Tupelo is a small town, the kind where people are close together and get involved in each other’s business.