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For more information, see Monitor submissions and resolve rejections.

When a work item or task has been scheduled to participate in synchronization, you cannot remove it from synchronization except by deleting the task from the project plan.You cannot modify the Publish to Team Project value that is assigned to a task, and you cannot change the Submit to Project Server field in Team Foundation.A team member must address the rejection status to resume synchronization of the work item.You can create a team query to find work items whose update status was rejected.For more information, see Updates to Fields that Contain Hours later in this topic. Changes to start and end dates are submitted only when the work item is submitted for the first time.

Because fields in Team Foundation map to resource fields in Project, updates are made to resource fields such as Resource Remaining Work and Resource Completed Work.Also, you cannot change a task to a different type of work item after it has been published to or submitted from Team Foundation Server.attribute is unspecified for the Remaining Work and Completed Work fields, which allows the mapped fields to differ between Team Foundation Server and Project Server.Changes to hours can occur in either the project plan or Team Foundation.However, changes do not necessarily overwrite information in either location.The Team Foundation Add-in for Project Professional ensures correct synchronization of the values for the pj Task* fields and pj Resource* fields.