is nichkhun and victoria dating for real Minoan dating

The diagram shows the four determinations in a single-phase model, in which the results are unordered but assume the same start and end date for the archaeological event.

The dark outlines are the posterior probability distributions after Bayesian modelling.

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Deposits from the Minoan Santorini (Thera) eruption in the eastern Mediterranean region constitute the most important regional stratigraphic marker in the chronological perplexity of the 2nd millennium BCE.

That's not terribly difficult, what with the layers of remains the archaeologists dig up.

A bigger problem is absolute dating: figuring out the exact year to label something with. Partly, it stems from the fact that archaeology wasn't originally a science, not really.

This date is within the range of others obtained from pulses from the same context and confirms the utility of chitin as a dating material.

Based on the nature of the insect material and the life cycle of the species involved, we argue for a summer eruption, which took place after harvest, shortly after this material was transported into the West House storeroom.

Late Minoan IA pottery is the youngest element in the Palaikastro tsunami deposits, fitting with the LM IA archaeological date for the Santorini eruption, conventionally linked at ~1500 BCE with Dynasty XVIII of the historical Egyptian chronology. 150 yr between 14C dating and Egyptian chronology for part of the 2nd millennium BCE are unknown.