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Arrested for assault, DJ is subsequently sent by his mother to live with his aunt Jackie (Valerie Pettiford) and uncle Nate (Harry J.

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The Mu Gamma Xi crew, seven-time national stepping champions, easily steals the show until DJ sees April across the way and runs right through their step line in an attempt to speak to her.That night, Rich and his friends go out to a local club called the Phoenix and invite DJ along.Sly then gathers his older member and challenges DJ and the rest to an old school vs. DJ's team loses the contest due to his showboating.They remind DJ, much like Duron did earlier in the film, that it is about the team and not about him.The two slowly begin a friendship and DJ takes April out to dinner.

During their date, April discusses the importance of black fraternities and sororities with DJ, and tells him to visit Heritage Hall on the campus' Greek Row.

The film's central conflict involves DJ's fraternity competing in various stepping competitions against a rival fraternity from the same school.

The film's script was written by Robert Adetuyi, working from an original draft by Gregory Ramon Anderson.

A fight breaks out, and the leader of the rival crew starts beating up DJ.

Duron pushes him away and starts fighting him, leading the rival to pull out a gun and shoot Duron, killing him.

While having dinner, April breaks up with Grant due to his chauvinistic attitude and his failure to know anything about her, particularly that green is her favorite color.