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The following explanation should provide further light into these peculiar Masonic customs.Craft Masonry's calendar commences with the creation of the world and uses the term Anno Lucius (A.

The Jewish Calendar is based on principles which are completely different from the Gregorian Calendars rules.

They sound so complicated for us that it would make little sense to try and explain them in detail.

After the Masoretic text was published, dating creation around 4000 BC became common, and it was received with wide support.

This calendar era, which would designate 4001 BCE as 'year zero', was adopted in the 18th century as a simplification of the Anno Mundi era dating system used in the Hebrew calendar and borrowing from other ideas of that time regarding the year of creation.

An explanation of dates used in various Masonic bodies -Source Masonic -Graphics Stephen Mc Kim Many Masons are curious as to the different dates used in Freemasonry.

This year craft lodges date the year, 2008 as 6008, while Knights Templar refer to the same year as 890.We look first for the four first digits, 2383, which we see facing 73 in the left-hand column.One line further down, facing 74 we find the number 571 in the third column, underneath Kislev.For instance, in Table 6 (Gregorian Calendar) the first line of figures corresponds to the year 1750.We read under Januar (January) the number 2360 234, under Febr. These are the three last digits of the complete number 2360265 which corresponds to: 2360234 31 (days in January) = 2360265.Royal and Select Masters or Cryptic Masons date from the year in which the Temple of Solomon was completed. D.), which means "In the year of the Deposit" and adds 1000 to the common time. Knights Templar start their calendar with the formation of the order in 1118 AD. O.), which means "In the year of the Order" is the terminology used.