Marvin sapp interview on dating

KALAMAZOO, MI -- Grand Rapids minister and gospel singer Marvin Sapp is not a suspect in the disappearance of Dr.

Teleka Patrick, Kalamazoo County investigators said Wednesday.

Marvin Sapp, 47-year-old pastor and gospel singer, is speaking out against women who seem to be stalking his home.

Sapp raises his three children as a full-time single father years after his wife died from cancer.

I wonder why people are even following such folks that are not applying the Bible to their own life. He didnt say she couldnt do anything he dont want his new lady to feel pressure and if u ever been n leadership role n the church, its hard to replace someone.

Stop being so judgemental and reading into things and leave his kids alone let me ask u all a?

For Pastor Marvin Sapp, one of the most successful Gospel artists of all time, 2010 was a year of unfathomable loss as his wife of 15 years, Ma Linda, lost her courageous battle with colon cancer.

It was a battle he was convinced they’d win, right up to her very last breath.However, the pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center is not interested in beauty without brains.“I love geeky smart women, I really do,” he notes, but also wants the new missus to have “her own thing going on” and “be successful.” On top of the qualities she needs to have, Sapp also wants his future companion to understand her role before stepping into it. “I’m looking for a woman who has the passion and desire to want to come in and be in position in church. I know how to be faithful.” His new album ‘I Win’ is available in stores and online now. i mean he's not billy graham(not that he would remarry) he's still fairly young, AND he has three children!I pray if GOD desires him to remarry God will send what he needs. Sapp's "real talk" about keeping people out of his business.When we involve others in our relationships or potential relationships, we open the door for sabatoge and unhappiness. In all of his mentioning of his qualifications for a woman/wife, he didn't mention anything about his children.Keep it pushing."However, others had compassion for Sapp's situation."OMG!!! The gospel singer previously spoke to about missing his late wife, Ma Linda Sapp, who lost her battle with colon cancer."There are days when I get up and I cry, thinking of her. we miss her."Sapp and his wife were the head pastors at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., before she passed away.