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”, Belmont Lay appeared to chide the Christian community for lodging police reports against the organizers of the ‘Escape chapel Party’, sneering at them for ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ by calling the police when no ‘crime’ has been committed: “First and foremost, I can never understand why people feel like they have to resort to calling the police, especially when no crime has been committed.

If religious people are unhappy with secular event organisers, they should sort it out among themselves privately like adults.” He ended his tirade against Christians by calling on them to leave the police out of such ‘private matters’ next time: “As a religious person, let’s just assume you’re guaranteed the right to feel offended, although I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree with this….

A police report has been lodged against PRC designer “ 李振久 ” for calling Singaporeans ‘PIGS’ and other vulgarities on the Lion City Forum. In a police report lodged online yesterday by a Singaporean, he wrote he read with ‘great distress’ the postings made online by “ 李振久 ” In a thread titled in Chinese “Singapore is a brain-dead holy place to die”, “ 李振久 ” ranted at Singaporeans: “The entire Singapore is like a gathering of rubbish, got Malay xxx, Indian xxx…” (整个sgp就是个垃圾聚集地,马来x,印尼x,印度阿三。) In a thread titled in Chinese “Singapore is a brain-dead holy place to die”, PRC student “litong2865″ ranted at Singaporeans: “The entire Singapore is like a gathering of rubbish, got Malay xxx, Indian xxx…” (整个sgp就是个垃圾聚集地,马来x,印尼x,印度阿三。) He also called on PRC students studying in Singapore to return to China: “PRC students here should switch to other countries or return to China, don’t increase their GDP…Singapore pigs look down on PRC Chinese.

They are only interested to earn your money…” (趁早chn留学生早点换别的国家或者回国,别增加了他们国民生产总值末了还要捞个中国人都是垃圾的称号。sgp猪根本也都看不起中国人,他们感兴趣的就是赚你的钱,国内好多公司都不接受sgp留学生的。) It is not known if “ 李振久 ” is currently residing in Singapore.

Next time, try to leave the authorities out of things….

Especially the police, who should be better off spending their time and precious resources solving real crimes.An Indian taxi-driver Bhai shared an unpleasant experience he had with a PRC passenger this morning on STOMP: “I picked this Chinese National passenger from Hitachi taxi stand who wanted to go to a Chinatown hotel which is located near Bukit Pasoh.While I was driving in the right direction on South Bridge Road, he said to me that this was not the way to his hotel and told me his hotel is opposite Smith Street.” The PRC man then used vulgarities on the taxi driver and asked him to stop his taxi: “I stopped at Foo Hai building and he alighted from my taxi, slammed the door, showed me the middle finger and refused to pay the fare which was plus.” Two weeks ago, a PRC technician Yuan Zhengfa not only refused to pay his taxi fare to the airport, but hijacked the taxi and crashed it into a Malaysian cleaning supervisor, killing him on the spot.It is about what kind of jobs & who actually get those jobs.” He also expressed a sentiment felt by many Singaporeans: “Singaporeans r not asking to closed doors entirely.They r asking for d doors be opened only to those who truly deserve to enter our home.” [Source: #taypinghui] With the lines between Singaporeans and foreigners getting increasingly blurred, it is now difficult to judge who truly deserve to be allowed to enter Singapore.Starhub has since removed the discriminatory ad on its website after it sparked an outcry among netizens. ) Belmont Lay’s rant against them in a controversial article published by Yahoo News which left many hurt and fuming.