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Among reunited relationships, one-third terminate within 3 months of reunion.

In those pauses–balanced on the precipice of happiness–I felt intensely alive.I was extra-aware of colors, noises, the taste of the coffee I sipped, my own breathing.Desirable features of LDDRs (e.g., autonomy and novelty) appear to be lost, and missed, upon reunion.Individuals whose relationships terminated upon reunion were more likely to report missing aspects of LDDRs.We asked 50 Army wives to discuss their experiences before, during, and after their husbands' most recent deployment.

Using relational dialectics as the theoretical framework for understanding marriage and deployment, we identified three contradictions (uncertainty-certainty during predeployment, autonomy-connection during the deployment, and openness-closedness during reunion) and several praxis patterns within them, some of which reflect potentially problematic dynamics for these military partners. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.In the arrivals lounge of the airport, I used to keep one eye on the gate and one eye on all the stories unfolding around me.Have you ever noticed how people who are picking someone up at the airport are usually happy and excited? Little kids squeal with excitement when they see their parents approaching. During those periods of waiting for Mike to step through the gate I’d feel suspended between two different existences–the life I lived alone and the life we lived together.I’d worry that we would struggle to find things to talk about while we were driving home.I’d worry that he’d do a double take after hugging me hello and suddenly find himself wondering what on earth he was doing with me. During the first few years of my relationship with my husband, Mike, he spent about half his time traveling to different countries for work. The combination of nerves and excitement usually meant I didn’t sleep well the night before his flight.