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“We made it very clear that we all prefer he choose the path of figuring out how to regroup, and part of that was finding companionship.That when the time was right, that would be an important part of the process.”Jonathan believes their mother would agree.“She would be the first to say that he couldn’t function on his own, and I say that with a smile,” he said. From the time he was a junior in college, he and my mom were inseparable.” Kraft and Lander were first photographed together courtside at a Celtics game in June, and the blogosphere was abuzz.

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“But you go home, and you go home alone, and no one’s there.It’s just really sad.” He hastens to add: “No one’s going to feel sorry for me because I’ve been so blessed.”Still, he sounded as if he was speaking from experience when he added: “I tell you, I would never sit in judgment of anyone, as long as they’re good folks.But at some point, life has to go on, and it’s going on for Bob.” Kraft himself says as much as anything, his team has helped him cope.“I tell you, the guys down in that locker room saved me.They told him he needed to reinvest himself in the businesses, friendships, and philanthropy that he and Myra had worked on.

The couple has given more than 0 million to charity.“More important, we told him that we and our children would lose him, and that was an untenable thought,” said Jonathan, 48.He said he regretted the video had been released and added that he was “going to stick to my day job.”Asked if the video hurt Kraft’s image, public relations czar George Regan said no.“What’s going to hurt his image is if they don’t beat Baltimore on Sunday,” he quipped.Our plan was that she was going to outlive me by 30 years.”Indirectly, though, he did address the question about Lander.“I’m blessed with four great children and eight grandchildren,” he said, knocking on the wood of his desk.In it, Kraft is helping a bikini-clad Lander rehearse for an audition, which ends with him throwing a fake punch and uttering a profanity.