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Various positive evaluations both by customers and by external auditors confirmed the above.BERTSCHI AG is certified according to ISO 9008 (multi-site) since 1991.

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In summer 2016 BERTSCHI AG was re-certified according to ISO 14004 (first certification September 2012).

This certification by AJA Registrars confirms, that we are conducting our business as an environment-friendly transport and logistics enterprise.

I would like to know why a simple bug like this, having a patch is opened for more than 4 years.

I think it was good enough to be able to configure the date format for the trac server would be an acceptable solution. Now having the dates in ISO 8601 is big bug that should be solved ASAP.

In the course of time and parallel to the growth of the whole company structure, the corresponding subsidiaries were continuously integrated in the management system. This could be completed successfully, confirming that the management system is implemented according to the corresponding requirements.

This guarantees a uniform operational structure throughout the BERTSCHI Group. AJA Registrars confirmed implementation of the requirements according to ISO 9008.

When I enter "10", "11", "12" in month field, Trac shows the error message, "Invalid Date format". My Apache config is: solution that I found is Trac Locale. I doubt that this option will be popular at all if Trac chooses something more intuitive than US mm/dd/yyyy format, e.g. So I think that for 0.11 a date format specifier is a must, but let it be simple. Besides locale related formats, it should be possible to choose ISO 8601 format.

When I enter "010", "011", "012" in month field, There is no error. In any case if there will be an option on this site - you can calculate how many users will actually use it. It is impossible to say which format is used in date like 12/03/2004 without looking anywhere else. While using Babel for some date format related stuff might be nice, I don't think we should on it.

Apart from being reliable in the traditional financial and customs terms, this certification confirms compliance in respect of security and safety standards.

Thus BERTSCHI is considered to be a ‘secure’ and reliable partner.

This certification was organised by Schouten Certification. regarding occupational safety are already implemented and covered in the existing management system.