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Also be aware that there are different forms of Breaking and Entering, including a distinction between breaking and entering at night and during the day.

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By Michele Morgan Bolton, Town Correspondent Dedham police have made a number of arrests over the past two days. At a.m., police received a report of a suspicious white pickup truck with New Hampshire plates near a school bus stop on Birch Street.

Boston police reported the same disturbance from the VFW Parkway.

The witness intimidation portion of this bill was meant to target gang members in the community who would threaten and intimidate innocent witnesses into being too afraid to testify.

Because those witness would be too afraid to testify prosecutors were unable to bring many ruthless violent gang members to justice for crimes committed in broad daylight in full view of the public.

Allegedly at one point during the trial a manwho was observing the trial got up and called one of the witnesses who was testifying a rat and a snitch.

The Boston Globe now reports that the man who made these comments has been arrested and charged with the crime of witness intimidation.In March of 2006 the legislature passed a bill targeted at decreasing gang violence and giving police more tools to arrest and prosecute gang members who terrorize the community with violent crimes.It was this bill that contained the witness intimidation charge that the man will now face. What could we honestly be looking at for jail time/fines? Also, if she goes to jail, does her ex-husband have to continue to pay her child support?The statute usually specifies a range of possibilities.The police cannot testify to what the wife told them at the time of the arrest.