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Last Saturday is when I found out he was part of a Nigerian scammer ring….thanks to my neighbor and best friend…she truly saved my life.

She searched high and low on the internet found this yahoo group and found him on this website: He asked me to send ,000 directly to a Bank of America account, the guy was his tailor in Beverly Hills, CA.

Well, did that a few times and wired money to where he wanted it to go, but the stakes started to get much bigger.I even went as far as to hand a real person a large sum of money to take to CA, which I now regret.In the last week he has been in and out of the hospital for chest pains due to stress…scamming takes a lot of out him, I guess.Yesterday 3/17/06 I called him out telling him I received an email from a friend showing me all of his pictures and he was even on the Nigerian scammer site I listed above.I am new to the group, but have read numerous emails at this point. My intention was that I would talk to him and it would go no further of course, due to geographical reasons. Soon, like within just 24 hours, he was telling me that he loved me and proposed marriage.

My story is like one that I read and it has just stayed in my mind since I joined and read this man's story. Yes, a flag sort of waved, but since he said that he was originally from the UK, I made the excuse that maybe things just worked differently there than here. He decided that he was going to quit the job that he had as a marine engineer so he could move to be with me and my son.

The other things that should have keyed me in were things like he didn't know his astrological sign, he didn't know his kids favorite colors, what they liked, and some other little things.

I took for granted because the kids weren't with him was why he didn't know Now I am lost as to what to do.

This is a twist on the normal scam since people don't usually meet anybody in person.

I think this person was probably a "MULE" which is a person who is paid for the transport of goods but doesn't know much or most likely nothing of the scam.

Said his tuxes for his and his best man were very expensive and that he wanted to look his best.