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This model yields a more flexible data-bound control for page developers and increases the level of reusability.

NET version 2.0, a new data source model enables you to bind data-bound controls to source controls, permitting common data operations — such as paging, sorting, and deleting — to be moved out of the data-bound control itself.

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NET, see The base data-bound control classes already provide the exposed data-binding properties needed to enable a page developer to bind a data source to a control.

No additional work is needed on the part of the control author.

Within this override you call to retrieve the data and specify a callback method that will handle the data once it is returned.

To retrieve data, complete the following tasks in the overridden method, you create the child controls that will represent the data.

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This topic introduces the basic steps that are required to implement a custom ASP. For more information about the general architecture and implementations of custom controls, see Before creating your own custom data-bound control, review the capabilities of the data-bound controls already provided with ASP. Existing controls might meet your needs, or you might decide to create a custom control that extends an existing control which already provides many of the features you need.

For more information about data-bound controls provided with ASP.

Control developers can extend one of the available data-bound control base classes to create a custom data-bound control.