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There is no doubt that these websites have conquered the life of many teenagers.

What's more, this age group is known to be very adventurous and techy.

People nowadays have a lot of means to communicate with each other because of technology.

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Just by having an internet connection and a mobile phone, one can do so many things with just clicks of a finger. Dating has become interactive because internet makes it easy to meet, contact and see other people throughout the world.

Listed in this article are the different dating sites popular to teenagers and the different things one must keep in mind regarding teens who are fond of using social networking sites.

This website prohibits its users from giving their personal information like address, phone numbers and email addresses to other people for security reasons.

Another policy of this teenage online dating site is that users who are under the age of 18 are required to seek permission from their parents before chatting.

Offering free memberships and easy access, most of these social networking sites have served as popular platforms for teenage online dating.

Besides benefits, there are safety issues that should be considered because a number of teenagers' lives are at risk because of meeting and dating total strangers online.A survey among teens was conducted and it was found that Instagram is the most important social networking site for them.Tumblr is a website popular among teens for micro-blogging where one can post photos, blogs, poems and other thoughts.Most culprits look for innocent or naïve users, making them their prospective victims.These culprits will make up lies when asked about their age, skin color, location and jobs.This site also has a chat room, but it is not just an ordinary chat room because one can send virtual gifts, emails and blogs via it.